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The company Trikke

The Trikke is more friendly for the environment then a regular moped/Vespa and cheaper than a electric moped/vespa. And there is less risk of theft, just fold-it and store it safe.



  • Easy to ride
  • Get to appointments faster 
  • Always a free parking spot 


  • Great looks - it attracts
  • Very low maintenance & expenditure
  • Easy to brand in your company color & style


  • Costs 10cts per charge
  • Cheap electric vehicle
  • Fast return on investment


So are you a real estate agent, broker or dishwasher, lawyer, nurse, hairdresser or scientist? A business Trikke is easy to arrange. And of course with your logo or style so your business get’s extra attention.

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Energy  € 0,003 per KM
Depreciation € 0,18 per KM
Save 30-50% time on rides  in the city

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Techs & Specs

Speed:  25km/h
Range:  25 to 40km
Frame:  Aluminium T6
Weight:  20,5 kg

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