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Tire pressure
Before riding inflate tires front tires between 4 and 5bar; rear tires to 5.5 bar
Pressure guidelines:
- The higher the pressure the higher the range
- The lower the pressure the higher the comfort over "bumpy" roads.


For extra riding comfort, the handlebar can be tilted slightly forward. The best is 45 degrees relative to the ground.
The handlebar height can be adjusted by the quick release and push button on the stem. Make sure that the quick release is tight (tighten the finger bolt before closing) to prevent rattling.

It works best when you squat between the rear-wheels and hold the handlebar at the middle with one hand. With the other hand you hold the folding knob-bolt. By pressing forward in the handlebar you minimize the pressure on the folding mechanism and you can pull back the folding knob. Turn the knob to the top of the slot so that it remains open during folding. 

Place the Trikke flat on the ground, resting on the rear wheels and battery box.
With one hand on the middle of the handlebar and one hand on the folding knob, push the handlebar downwards and at the same time pull back the folding knob. Turn the knob to the top of the slot, so that it remains open.
NOTE: make sure the folding mechanism is locked again, with the lock pin and knob in the correct position (forward).

Take off
At take off,  weight forward and arms slightly bent (not straight). Then throttle up gently and keep you weight on the front wheel. Take note that especially the hips are to the front and not to the back.

During braking, you should lean a bit to the back, so you have all the pressure on the rear-wheels.
NOTE: Keep at all times two hands on the handlebar.

When cornering, make sure to lean both the body and the Trikke into the turn.

You can always recharge your battery and it’s best to top-off the battery before storage. During prolonged storage, you should occasionally recharge the battery. We advice to store the battery inside and not outside on the Trikke. At low temperatures, the range of the battery may decrease.


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