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Electric Trikke Warranty

4k-Berlin-film-uitsnedes10The Trikke needs to get you from A-to-B quick and efficient. And preferably day in...day out. 

Obviously we are confident that can count on your Trikke vehicle.

Therefore we garantue the following: 
- 5 years warranty on frame
- 1 year limited warranty on electric components and battery
- 2 years on other wear & tear parts. 

Please read our limited warranty below. 

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Limited Warranty Electric Trikke

Article 1 Warranty

1.1.         If during the warranty period the product is faulty because of construction and / or material faults, Trikke Europe or any other Trikke Europe designated dealer of the product into the Guarantee Area will, without charge for labor or parts to charge, in its sole discretion repair or replace the product or defective parts under the conditions below.

1.2.         Trikke Europe may change defective products or parts with new or refurbished products or parts. All replaced parts and products become the property of Trikke Europe. Any costs for (de-)installation shall be borne by the owner.

1.3.         If a particular component is eligible for warranty and the original has been discontinued, Trikke Europe will provide an equivalent alternative.

1.4.         This guarantee is only granted within the warranty period and upon presentation of the original invoice or receipt (including date of purchase and model name) and only if the product, complete with battery and charger, is returned in the original packaging. Trikke Europe may be free to refuse warranty service if these documents are not submitted or if the original packaging is incomplete or illegible. This Warranty is void if the model name or serial number is altered, deleted, removed or made unreadable.

1.5.         The guarantee can only be invoked by the first owner of the product.

1.6.         This warranty does not cover transportation costs or risks associated with transporting your product to Trikke Europe. Costs for return to the owner, in case of warranty, is covered by Trikke Europe.

1.7.         The warranty ends in accordance with Articles 3.1 and 3.2.

1.8.         For additional warranty information see the product manual.


Article 2 Warranty period

2.1.         Owner may only claim the warranty upon registration of the product on the website of Trikke Europe.

2.2.         The warranty for aluminum frames is 5 years.

2.3.         The warranty period for parts is 24 months, except for parts mentioned in articles 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6.

2.4.         No warranty for parts subject to wear and tear such as tires, gears, bearings, cables, handles, folding-mechanism, steering axle, brake pads, etc.

2.5.         No guarantee for the lock on the battery and the corresponding key.

2.6.         The warranty for the battery and other electronics parts is 1 year. Taking into account the following additional provisions relating to the capacity and the residual value of the battery:
Batteries lose capacity over time. Trikke guarantees that after 350 charges the battery still has at least 70% capacity.
For warranty service by replacement of the battery Trikke Europe will, only compensate the "residual value" based on the already used capacity of the battery. The calculation on the "residual value" is based on a maximum 350 charges and the following calculation:
(Max. charges - number of charges) / max. charges = n%
The number of charges can be determined technically by Trikke Europe and thus the residual value can be determined. Example: If after 200 charges the battery is replaced, the "residual value" compensation. The residual value = 350-200 = 150/350 = 42%.

2.7.         Batteries that are charged less than 10% should be charged immediately or they will be irreparably damaged and are not covered by the warranty. Batteries that are stored unused longer than one month can self-discharge.

Article 3 Warranty Exclusions

3.1          In the following cases the warranty expires:
a. Incorrect and / or careless use of the product and use not in accordance with the destination, including semi-professional, professional and commercial use;
b. Technical repairs are not done in a professional manner;
c. Afterwards mounted components do not match the technical specification of the model or are incorrectly installed;
d. The product is cleaned with water under pressure as with garden hose and / or high pressure water guns;
e. The housing of electronic components is opened, short-circuit, damaged exterior, damaged cable (s), damage to housing, damage to motor nylon gears (indicates abuse) and / or water damage in motor housing;
f. If the model name or serial number altered, deleted, removed or made unreadable.

3.2          Furthermore, Trikke Europe is expressly excluded from liability for damage to (parts of) the vehicle due to:
a. Incorrect adjustment / tension of handlebar, stem, quick release of handlebar, brakes, axles of the wheels, axle and folding mechanism, steering axle, bolts, nuts and / or tire pressure;
b. Failure to replace parts like brake cables, brake pads and tires on time;
c. Incorrect or insufficient lubrication of moving parts and or parts for which this is specified in the Trikke owner manual;
d. Climatic conditions such as abnormal weathering of paint, rust or chrome rust;
e. Normal wear / decrease in battery capacity is not covered under warranty.


Item 4 Submission of Claim

4.1          Claims under this warranty must be combined with the product being submitted to Trikke Europe for inspection. Simultaneously, the proof of purchase to be delivered.

4.2          Inspection and warranty requests are only covered after a request via the website or by email.

Article 5 Guarantee area

5.1       The warranty area is restricted to the country of first purchase, within Europe.


Article 6 Liability

6.1       A warranty claim honored by Trikke Europe does not mean that Trikke Europe also accepts liability for any damages. The liability of Trikke Europe never extends further than stated in this warranty. Any liability for consequential damages Trikke Europe is explicitly excluded. The provisions of this clause shall not apply if and insofar as the result of a mandatory legal provision.

Article 7 Exclusions and Limitations

7.1          This warranty requires Trikke Europe only to repair or replace products under the terms of this warranty.

7.2          Trikke Europe is not responsible for any loss or damage relating to products, service, this warranty or other, including - economic or intangible losses - the paid price for the product  - loss of profit or income, loss of data, enjoyment of the product or any associated products - indirect, secondary or consequential damage or loss. This is true regardless of whether such damage or loss related to faulty or malfunctioning of the product or associated products through defects or because the product is not available, leading to downtime, loss of use time or an interruption of work.
This applies to loss and damages under any statutory interpretation, including negligence and other irregularities, breach of contract, express or implied warranty, and strict liability (even if Trikke Europe is aware of the possibility of such damages). If applicable law prohibits such exclusions or limits of liability, Trikke Europe closes its liability, or limit it to only the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

7.3          Trikke Europe's liability under this guarantee will in no circumstances exceed the price paid for the product, but if the legislation permits only higher liability limitations, the higher limitations apply. Your legal rights reserved.

7.4          Consumers have legal rights under applicable national laws relating to the sale of products to end consumers. This warranty does not affect the legal rights you have in this respect nor rights that can not be excluded or limited, nor rights against the person who purchased the product.