Looking for Trikke HPV - Sport or Skki?
Trikke & Mobility

You want to

  • commute quickly from the office to home,
  • from the office to a customer,
  • and from there to the gym,
  • while popping in a store for groceries
  • join a friend for a quick drink and chat
  • and still catch your bus or train to home.

And you want this all to be effortless.

Trikke, the green alternative

The Trikke is the solution. The electric tri-cycle with an enormous range will bring you everywhere: Green, Smart and Easy.
The Trikke is electric and therefore sustainable and environmental friendly.
And cheap: 10 cents per battery charge, good for 40 km.
The maximum speed is 25km/h and the Trikke is easy to control, you just step on and go!
Sounds interesting? Discover the Trikke, make a testride or order one.



  • No CO2 emission.
  • No particulates emission.
  • 100% recyclable.


  • Simple and safe to use by the stability of three wheels
  • Standing driving, gives high visibility on the road.
  • Approved by RDW (testing facility Netherlands, Notified Body), Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment, SWOV (Foundation for Road Safety Research).


  • Easy to mount and start.
  • Foldable frame, easy to transport or store.
  • Removable battery and easy to charge via any 220-240v power outlet.

Road legal...

The authorization of the electric Trikke is not yet fully covered in all European countries. Since the European commission did not categorize the electric Trikke yet, authorization depends on the law of each individual country. Read more...

Sounds interesting...?

Discover the Trikke, make a test ride of order one.