Trikke Business Opportunities

Trikke offers a lot of business opportunities for the aware entrepreneurs. Learn more about the markets in which Trikke can make a difference for you. 

Trikke business opportunities

Trikke offers a lot of business opportunities for the trend aware entrepreneurs world wide. In Europe we focus on expanding our network via solid partnerships with businesses and individuals who see business potential in Trikke. 

We are looking for partners in all of Europe in the follwing fields:
- Dealers - retail & b2b
- Agents - retail sports
- City rentals & tours
- Events rental
- Advertising and co-branding


Trikke is green, smart and easy. The Trikke products tick all the boxes on mega trends such as: green, individualisme and health. It isn't strange that Trikke gets a lot of positive attention in the media, on the streets, on the web and in showrooms. 

Are you an outgoing, pro-active and openminded entrepreneur or purchaser who sees the sales opportunities that Trikke has to offer? Please contact us for more detailed dealer information and rates. 

City rentals & tours

The tourism industry was good for €693 billion turnover in 2010. Start now and offer Trikke rental and/or tours to tourists in cities, theme-parks or campsites and get your share. The opportunities are vast, from winter in the alps to summer in Rome. Get tourist on Trikke and start making money. Please contact us for more detailed information and rates.