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Trikke EV’s are great for city or adventure tours. When visiting crowded areas, like Paris, tourists are given a view above the crowds.







  • Easy to ride
  • Exciting to ride
  • Standing position 
    gives more view
  • Great looks - it attracts
  • Very low maintenance
  • Low expenditure
  • Costs 10cts per charge
  • Cheap electric vehicle
  • Fast return on investment

The stable, three point platform allows riders to stand naturally and ride without the need of laborious training, meaning more time to enjoy the sights. The Trikke EV’s can be set to a 18 km/h speed limit, so tourists can see more in less time, while not going too quickly for a first-timer. They will come back not just thrilled with what they saw, but what they were riding. They may want one for themselves!

Do you want to start your own rental station or fun tours operation, just contact us and we can get you started very soon.  

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Trikke adventure tours worldwide

Scooterise - Athens

Scooterise in Athens is one of the top rated activities on tripadvisor. With over 50 Trikke EV's they can handle large groups or multiple tours simultaniously.  Read More

Trikke Tours - Santo Domingo

In the Dominican Republic, the Trikke is what is a bike in the Netherlands... They use it everywhere and for everything... Read More

Carving Vehicles - Budapest

In Budapest you cannot go around the carving vehicls tours. "Buda" being flat and "Pest" being one steep hill the Trikke vehicles offer the perfect solution to indulge yourself into this city. Read More

Mytrik - Amersfoort

An old city near Amsterdam and close to wide "Polders" and crispy fresh woods. Touring on a Trikke EV throught the city or the woods is a blast.  Read More

Andaver - Viseu & Madeira

The project AndaVer Portugal (the translation to english is "Come to see Portugal") presents a national network in order to promote the Ecological Tourism and the "Made in Portugal" products. Read More

Find the perfect Trikke vehicle for Tours

  • Freedom


    The Trikke Freedom is our step-in recreational vehicles, based on a foldable steel frame for kids Read More
  • Trikke eV5.1

    Trikke eV5.1

    The Trikke eV5.1 is the high-end aluminum model of our Light Electric Vehicles. It is designed for Read More
  • Trikke eV6.0

    Trikke eV6.0

    The Trikke eV6.0 is the luxury model of our Light Electric Vehicles, equipped with integrated Read More
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you mount a Trikke you know instantly that it is stable, strong, secure and easy to ride. Hit the throttle and off you go. The ride is intuitive and riders feel confident.
Depending on the length and terrain there are various models suitable for tours. The eV5 is ideal and offers 25-30km on a single charge. With the quick swap battery pack you can do tours around the clock.
All over Europe and the world you can enjoy the Trikke Adventure Tours. From ancient cities like Athens and nature resort in the Netherlands, to the sunny beaches of the Spanish islands or even Hawaii.