Trikke Security vehicles are designed and equipped for intense daily use by police and security officers. The specifications provide a practical, safe and cost effective tool for city patrol, crowd control and even for indoor use. In addition, the vehicles are lightweight and can easily be folded for transportation by car or storage. 

0012 Trikke ev6 security police edition folded

• Highly visible

Stand-up ride, for an alert ride with ‘vision’, the rider stands on 35cm high platforms. This pro- vides an excellent view on crowds and traffic. The raised stand makes the patrolling officer more visible than on foot, on a bike or in a car. 

• Fast and maneouverable

With a maximum speed of 25 km/h and the high maneouverability Trikke EV’s easily navigate through dense crowds and city traffic. A 350W motor with interchangeable 48V Lithium-Ion battery pack provide a range of 25 to 40km.

• Stable and safe

Three wheels on the ground add confidence and stability in any turn, at all speeds. The mainte- nance free patented carving system has proven itself as part of more than 500.000 vehicles around the world.

• Easy to use, indoor and outdoor

With a minimum of instructions, any rider can easily control the vehicle. The intuitive riding expe- rience allows a comfortable ride for hours due to the ergonomic design. With a width of 60 cm, the vehicle smoothly acts in traffic but also goes through doorways, in elevators and even on escalators.

• Lightweight and foldable

Folds down in seconds to fit in the back of any size vehicle. Very easy to deploy in multiple locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer European wide service:
• Professional online support
• Direct shipping of parts from EU stock
• Additional on-site maintenance and repair service via dedicated dealer network
For Security tasks the eV5 & eV6 are ideal and offer 25-30km on a single charge. You can plug-in the charger every time you return to the station allowing 24/7 usage.
The Trikke eV6 Security is the basic security vehicle that fit's most needs.
The eV7 offers an even more robust ride and we can also supply all wheel drive Trikke vehicles.