Early this month, Trikke Europe moved to a new location nearby.

t’s in the 'green heart' of Holland, between The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

We are looking forward to welcome you here for a Trikke breath (and a ride)!

New address:

Ambachtsweg 14e
2641 KS Pijnacker

Same phone numbers:
Cell: +31.(0).
Office : +31.(0)70.3300.341

At Security Essen some years ago we had a quick chat with a Security company in Finland. The Trikke must have been an earworm, as it remained in Mr. Sareskoski’s head till last spring. Finally we got back in contact and shipped a Trikke eV6 Security model to them to present at a Local Security Show.

Soon after we went there to meet and to introduce the rest of the Trikke product range. We expect them to start developing the Trikke market in Finland from 2017 and onwards as the demonstration of the eV6 Security led to sales and demand for the other Trikke vehicles. With wintertime around the corner the Trikke Skki is a great start!

What an overwhelming city and warm and friendly team we have in Athens Greece. We have been meeting them in the Netherlands and during tradeshows over the last years, but this summer we went to downtown Athens to meet the team at home.

These guys have a small shop and a small team and with them, they work miracles. We are very impressed with the broad scope of Trikke Tours and the overall organization. Bookings come in for couples, family groups and even huge business events. These guys manage to give everybody the attention they need and share the city and the Greek atmosphere from the hart. No wonder this is one of the top attractions in Athens on trip advisor.

From the home base in Athens they are more and more spreading the Trikke vehicles to other cities and Greek Islands. With their experience they can help other start-up businesses to be successful with Trikke Tours. Next stop Cyprus, Malta and who knows where else you can book a Scooterise Trikke Tour next.

We are certain that the team will keep up the great work they do for Trikke, for the Toursime in Greece/Athens and for the world as every Trikke EV sold instead of a combustion scooter is a small step to a healthier world. Getting the carbon and congestion down in the city, will be the next challenge for Athens. We are confident that Trikke and Scooterise will help with that! 

With hundreds of thousands Trikke sports models sold world wide since the start in 2000, we see Trikke riders, Trikke enthusiasts, Trikke fans and also Trikke Maniacs! Fernando Perez is one of those and lives in Madrid – Spain.
He wants to share his passion and love for the Trikke vehicles and starts the perfectly named webshop From there he sells Trikke Sports models and EV’s all over Spain. He also hosts small events in Madrid to get more people hooked on the Trikke action. And he does this successfully.
To further increase his Trikke business activities we went to visit him in Madrid. We first and foremost enjoyed some Trikke riding together and found a perfect way for us to work together. Fernando will act as a sales agent toward our business customers (Security, Internal Transport and Tours) to further develop these markets in Spain and the Spanish Islands.
We had a lucky coincidence as the guy behind Trikke Dominica was on vacation in Madrid at the same time. Trikke is in the Dominican Republic what a Bike is in Amsterdam… You see them everywhere. What started as a Trikke tour for tourists led to sales consumers, marinas and a bog fleet of vehicles to various Police departments. Together we shared business ideas and marketing activities for Trikke worldwide and for sure we rode the Trikke!


In Pula Croatia a city that is 90% harbour and 10% ancient city is the home of UTE, our distribution partner for Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. Their core-business is IT and they have developed a Bike/Trikke sharing system.
This Trikke sharing system can be easily implemented in city centres to allow bring mobility to the locals and or to tourists. The local governments are looking for solutions to keep the cities moving and prevent congestion. Bike sharing can be a solution, but it has its limitations. Therefore they where on the lookout for another electric vehicle and they have selected Trikke for the program. So expect to see Trikke EV’s in the cities ready for you to ride with a simple swipe of your credit card or smartphone.

Early June we had the pleasure to welcome Gildo Beleski (inventor of Trikke) to the Netherlands. It was a long overdue visit to our office and assembly facility. But also a great way for him to meet some of our new partners and to do a key test for the future development of Trikke in China…. At all meetings with Gildo Beleski we want to pick his brain, about the technology, the technique, the future ideas and the best way to build, maintain and ride the Trikke vehicles. We took the time at all locations and facilities to share the Trikke knowledge and create an even better basis for further development and growth in Europe. The last day of the EU road trip we met up with the new distribution partner for Trikke in China. We went to a special synthetic ski slope to test the Trikke Skki in action. The team in China has the opportunity to build a Trikke themed park near Guangzhou. This park will be all about Trikke and the Skki model will be there to ride on this slope. The tests went well and we are confident that this park will open up soon. We cannot wait to see the results and go to China for a test ride…

trikke ev girl bike scooter

From the 2nd until the 5th of June 2015 the Smart City Event will take place for the 5th time in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This large scale European conference hosts various cities, system operators, energy companies, industrial organizations and technological parties. They come together to share knowledge on how to achieve a Smart City. Projects where climate ambition and energy transition are the main focus points. Amsterdam Smart City is official host of the Smart City Event and Trikke Europe is partner of the event.

The new “Trikke eV7 Security" has been designed with security services in mind. It works perfect for rounds on spacious grounds. It will take only a fraction of the time compared to patrolling on foot. The completely redesigned security vehicle can be seen on Hannover Messe.

Trikke eV has reached the southwest tip of Spain: Cadiz. foto 4

Your smart urban transport
for 2015